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Jef Chandler


The Bad Popes -

This Year We're Gonna Be In Luck

--The Bad Popes performing a New Year's Eve song written by Jef Chandler and Derek Bridges. Recorded by Matt Morgan at Sit-n-Spin Studios in December 2015.

Jef Chandler Band -
at Downtown Alive in Greenville on August 24, 2017

--Jef Chandler Band, featuring Mike Bagwell, Charles Hedgepath, Kevin Heuer, and Chris Garrett, performing at Dowtown Alive in Greenville in 2017. 

Big Brown Bowl -

Live at Smiley's, March 18, 2011

--Big Brown Bowl, featuring Matt Morgan, Jeff Holland, Brandon Leard, Derek Bridges, Chris Garrett and JC playing Jef Chandler original Thieves.

JC, Charles Hedgepath, and Mike Bagwell - at Sit-n-Spin Studios, January 2013

--Bad Popes trio perform original Jef Chandler song If You Could Only at Sit-n-Spin Studios.

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