The Jef Chandler Band at Gottrocks, March 2015

Here's a clip of JCB playing playing three tunes at Gottrocks on March 20, 2015. This version of JCB features Mike Bagwell on Pedal Steel, Charles Hedgepath on guitar, Mark Dye on Bass, Kevin Heuer on drums, Jeff Holland on percussion, and JC on guitar. In this clip, Charles sings Mickey Newbury's song Why You Been Gone So Long, JC sings his song Bottles, and Mark Dye sings JC's tune Zero.

No Stone Will Tell from Rounders by The Bad Popes

About five or six months after my father passed away in 2010, I had a dream that I was riding a bicycle by the sea. My father was riding along with me. When we reached a certain place along the coastline, I decided, for some obscure reason, that I would rappell down a cliff overlooking the sea, my father would man the ropes. I don't remember what happened in the time that I was hanging over the cliffs of the sea, nor how I got back up on the top of the cliffs, but I do remember the strange feeling of looking around after I got back up on mainland, and my father wasn't there, how transformed the landscape was, how different my pulse was. I remember getting back on the bike and pedaling, pedaling . . .

I wrote this crazy song after this dream. I love and miss my father. This song is about his ghost that is with me now and always. 

Flashback! -- Jef C, Charles Hedgepath and Bill Cox at Smiley's in 2009

Here's me and Charles with Bill Cox playing an ELO cover at Smiley's in 2009. Those were good days my friends. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Good friends and good times for sure! I miss Bill! He was unique and talented.


Jef Chandler Band at Downtown Alive on August 24, 2017
Here's a video collage of Jef Chandler Band performance at Downtown Alive in Greenville, SC on August 24, 2017 -- Mike Bagwell on lap steel guitar, Chris Garrett on bass, Charles Hedgepath on guitar and vocals, Kevin Heuer on drums, and JC on guitar and vocals. Thanks to Scott Bachmann for filming and putting this together!